Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec have enacted laws concerning unclaimed property. As a result, Dundee has implemented policies and procedures to locate investors for whom we are holding unclaimed property, if their last known address was in one of the three provinces.

Unclaimed Property List

Unclaimed property could include brokerage accounts and securities or cash held therein, mutual fund units, limited partnership units and cheques. Property is deemed 'unclaimed' in the following circumstances: (i) written communication has been mailed to a client for whom we are holding an account and has been returned as 'undeliverable', (ii) a cheque was sent to a client for whom we are holding an account and the cheque has not been cashed; or (iii) the client has not indicated an interest in the account.

Dundee is required to make contact with clients for whom we are holding unclaimed property. Efforts to locate such individuals may be conducted by the following means: (i) correspondence with investment advisors; (ii) searching our recordkeeping system for other existing accounts; and (iii) telephone or internet searches. Dundee maintains a list of unclaimed property owners whom we have been unable to contact.

Search Dundee's Unclaimed Property List

If you would like to request a search of our database, please contact:

Dundee Securities Ltd.
1 Adelaide Street East, 21st Floor
Toronto, Ontario M5C 2V9

Attention: Chief Compliance Officer RE Unclaimed Property

You will be required to provide appropriate documentation to validate your status as the owner, heir or assignee, including the owner's name, current and previous mailing address, details of the property for which you are making a claim and certified copies of two pieces of personal identification.

Once Dundee has reviewed your claim, Dundee may ask you to swear an affidavit to prove the ownership of the unclaimed property and/or ask you to provide additional proof of your ownership of the unclaimed property.

Residents of Quebec

If you are a resident of Quebec, Dundee may have transferred the unclaimed property to Revenu Quebec, which Dundee is required to do annually according to the Public Curator Act of Quebec. If Dundee has transferred your unclaimed property, you must apply to Revenu Quebec in order to reclaim your property.